Saturday, May 26, 2012


So I have been wanting to paint my home for the last few years. Yes-- YEARS. We have plain white walls in more the house. I have painted one of my kids rooms green since they asked me to paint it green when we put new flooring in their room. I have also painted the bathroom orange stripes, and bright green. Well it goes with the fish patter I purchased for the bathroom. My parents DO NOT LIKE IT! I think its kinda neat. My bed room has one yellow wall. So I started thinking-- wait let me re state that I saw someone do a design on a wall then I started thinking. Why don't I do that in my bedroom. Oh- here is the paint technique  (painted on the canvas) I was thinking of doing all over the yellow wall.

So then I started thinking I am going to need a new bedding set. So I looked up the top 10 yellow and gray bedding sets. I really enjoy the 2nd and the 3rd one from that list. What ones do you like?

Now what about towels? Do you think that the banana palm decorative towels by avanti black would for the master bath?

So these are some ideas, figured I would see what everyone thought!


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