Friday, May 25, 2012

Scholastic Printable Fun For Summer

 Have I ever talked about Scholastic? I do not think that I have-- So let me tell you that  I love Scholastic for so many reasons. One being that they are one of the biggest children publishing house. Which means they print a lot of kids books. They print a lot of the books my kids LOVE.  They offer a lot to the schools. I am sure that you have all received the little paper pamphlets they send home for you to order every month for your kid's school. I am also pretty sure that we (parents) have all ordered from them at least one time if not more. Anyhow~ 

Back to what started this post. I wanted to share with you that Scholastic is offering a Printable that you can use during the summer or you as a teacher or a parent can use during the school year. They offer a yearly plan for those who want to use it all year-long, or monthly plans for those to use just during the summer months. You can find the 2nd grade math worksheets with coupon code and all the information on the link I have provide and you can also look at the 3rd Grade Math Worksheets. Which are the two I will be using.. 

Here is something to think about. Scholastic Printables provides access to over 15,000 teaching worksheets and printable resources for students from Pre-K to 8th grade. Our Printable Worksheets offer a wide range of topics to cover all subjects and themes throughout the school year.

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