Friday, October 31, 2014

Recipe For Love By Ruth Cardello

All Madison Andrade wants for Christmas is a place to hide and she finds it in the home of a lusty French chef. Richard D'Argenson's recipes are famous, but they lack one necessary ingredient--love. Spend a steamy
holiday with this unlikely couple and fall in love -Andrade style.

When I received the Ten Brides Of Christmas I wasn't 100% sure how much I would enjoy this box set. I honestly was thinking these romance novels would be erotica or smut.

So to my amazement, I was very happy to start this sweet love story. Yes is had a little more detailed action then I had planned on reading, but I gave it a chance and kept reading. I am glad I did because my heart was right with Madison and Richard. 

I was sad for the story to end. But was glad to see that she may have a whole series on the Andrade's. 

Ruth wrote with such detail that it was almost like a fly on a wall. I could see each seen as though I was in a theater watching everything play out. I look forward on reading more from this author.

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