Friday, January 31, 2014

Cloth Diapering #4

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So as I was going threw my posts and getting ready for all my up coming Cloth Diapering Reviews I found this post talking about. What I had ordered, and what was given to me to review. 

I know that last week as I started getting ready to do my reviews, I noticed that I did not have a lot of different types or brands of Diapers. So- I decided to go an a hung and kinda fill in those spots. I ended up buying a few different Diapers to add to the review. What did I buy.... you ask? 

Well I purchased some  RagaBabe, Dreem Ez, Bumpkin All In One Pocket, Organic GroVia Soakers just this week to review. These do not include all the other Diapers that we are already using. Such as GroVia Shells, Gdiapers, GroVia All In Ones,   photo a7690360-7b0e-4f36-a460-63238f149e88.jpg

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