Friday, July 12, 2013

Cloth Diapers

Let me start with while I was working on this post, my laptop decided to crash on me. So I have to start over. I had a few photos and a lot of other things in this post, great web sites and what not. But now this will be a basic post, and I hope to have time to d a better one in the next few weeks to come.

With baby #4 coming in a few short weeks, we decided to return to cloth diapering. Yes, even with all the issues we had before. I have been lucky enough to start purchasing
diapers, and have received a few to review. So it made me think, why not talk about all the diapers I will be using. So that is what I will do. As I use them, I will try my hardest to talk about what I like about them and or dislike or maybe even both.

I have noticed that over the last 4 years cloth diapering has changed even more so then what it was 30 years ago more or less. When all people had was flats and a cover, and the start of disposable diapers began. I know when I started with my middle child, I only had a few choices to choose from, and at the time I choose bumGenuis. I did notices that with in a year or two we started getting all the High Bread diapers started to appear into the world, you know the GDiapers, and Gro Via. I also remember a time when buying work at home diapers was a risk you took. But now it seem that a lot of those work at home diapers have made great names for them selves. I have purchased a few custom diapers myself.

Here are two of them; Aren't they so PRETTY?

This is the outside and the inside of my son's diaper who is only using them at night.
 photo 20130614_102753.jpg  photo 20130614_102744.jpg

These are 2 diapers. The creator was nice enough to send me a tiny version of the big one. You can see the inside of the diaper. The tiny one is what the outside looks like.
 photo 20130517_160930.jpg 

Here is a diaper that I received to review. I have 1 more to post, but must have forgotten to take its photo.
   photo 20130625_094038.jpg  photo 20130625_094021.jpg

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