Saturday, July 5, 2014


Have you ever found yourself just struggling, or someone gets sick hurt or needs extra money? Well now they have these great sites that are tax delectable.
I think-- :| Not so sure know that I am sitting down to type this up.

This last year has been a crazy one. As you know we moved, but before all that we had a family member born with HLHS. Shoot-- we have had a few friends come across a few struggles. 

That is what we are going to talk about today. Just 4 of the FAMILIES- and how you can help. We are going to just talk a little about each families struggle. We as that you just pray for them or help by donating what you can. EVERY PENNY HELP!

HLHS is a rare heat defect. It only occurs in under 1000 babies born in the USA. This is a Coast Guard Family. Active MILITARY. PRAY DONATE or BOTH!!!

This family is not one we personally know, but it an acquaintance's BEST FRIENDS FAMILY. This little boy was diagnosed with Krabbe Leukodystrophy which is fatal by the age of two. PRAY DONATE or BOTH!!!

NICU stay-- This is a family from an old play group we use to do things with in California. The mother was high risk, and hospitalized early on. She almost died. This just will help them get back on the right track. PRAY DONATE or BOTH!!!

Kidney Disorder of some kind for a new born baby just born this week. This is a young family. With a one year old already. Any PRAYER would help them and help the Doctors. They do not have a fund set up yet. If they get one we will share it with you.

We hope you can help these families by at least Praying!! We know that times are hard, and not everyone can give financially. Just pray and maybe share this with your friends and family. If your a bloger feel free to blog about it.

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