Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Life Happens- With Or With Out Kids

Life sure has happened a lot for us in the last few months. New baby, lots of travel back and fourth to Texas, move 1,500 miles, live in a hotel for a month and buy a new home in a new city in a new state. 

Now that we are down to our lat 50 boxes more or less we are starting to feel settled in, and can get back to it all. Our crazy thoughts my crazy world and opinion on silly things. We can't wait to tell y'all ; ) about our moving adventure, the cloth diapers we are now using, and all the silly things in between. 

We are so thankful and glad for ALL of you. Yes, you- the followers. With out you reading my crazy punctuation, terrible writing style and miss spelled words I would not be doing any of this. 

We are hoping to bring back a few old  blog hops. Such as 52 Weeks Of Baking,  Giveaways and a few others that will be changed or even a few new ones. 

I can't wait to get started!!!

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