Saturday, November 16, 2013

Holiday Cards 2013

I never really looked forward to Holiday Cards, until I found Tiny Prints about 2 years ago. 

To be honest I started checking out the site in August to see what they might have. That way we can start planning what the kids might wear.

I love that they have all these options to choose from-Contemporary, Classic, Vintage, Full bleed photos, All That Glitters, Bold Expressions, Simply Chic, Woodland Wonder & The New Tradition which come with matching labels and envelopes.

I love that you always
get to pick your favorite card, and you can choose the number of photos you want on the card. 

Plus this year they added this fun feature of picking the type of trim you just can't live with out. You can choose from- Square, rounded, bracket, ticket & scallop.

I always have a hard time picking the cards we love to mail, and end up buying 2 or 3 designs. Here are just a few of my favorites; SO FAR!

I like that I can put one main photo of my family all together, then 1 of each of my kids.

I like this one because I can put 1 photo of each of the kids, and on the back put one big photo of the whole family.

Love that I can add one main photo of all my kids, and singles of each.


I like this one because you can add so many photos. I like these for sending to friends and family over seas and across the country. who are not in daily contact with my family. It is especially nice to add photos from threw out the year. Though I am not sure if I will do the RED or the CREAM color.

Don't forget to check out the Holiday Shop they have too!

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