Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Christmas Pony By Melody Carlson

Christmas Pony

Eight-year-old Lucy Turnbull knew better than to wish for a pony that Christmas in 1937. Her mother had assured her in no uncertain terms that asking for a pony was the same as asking for the moon. Besides, the only extra mouths they needed at their boarding house were the paying kind. But when an interesting pair of strangers comes to town, Lucy starts to believe her Christmas wishes might just come true after all.The queen of the Christmas novel, Melody Carlson pens another magical tale of expectation and excitement as one little girl dreams big and the impossible becomes possible.

So today while I was reading this book and I realized that is marked exactly 2 weeks since my Aunt Lucy passed away. I found it ironic that I was reading a story about a girl named Lucy. By the time you read this some time in November I am assuming. My aunt will have been in Heaven 6 weeks. Still fresh, but with all the death we have had this year I am able to stay strong and move on.

I found this book enjoyable! I can not say that this was my FAVORITE  Christmas Book by Melody Carlson but it is pretty close. But it was sure cute. I really enjoyed every min of reading The Christmas Pony. This story hits home to some who grew up during the depression  Meaning the mother took in laundry to make a little extra. Or even opened up their homes as boarding houses when a spouse has passed. I think that everyone should.

I believe that reading Melody Carlson's Christmas books are going to become a tradition in my home. I think that it should be that way in all homes! Thank you to Revel for allowing me to review this book. All opinion are my own.

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