Monday, November 19, 2012

Christmas Roses By Amanda Cabot

Christmas Roses By Amanda Cobot

Celia Anderson doesn't have a husband on her Christmas wish list. But when a traveling carpenter finds lodging at her boardinghouse, she admits that she might remarry if she found the right man--the kind of man who would bring her roses for Christmas. It would take a miracle, though, to find roses during a harsh Wyoming winter.

But Christmas, after all, is the time for miracles . . .

 I LOVE Christmas Books! I mean I really do LOVE Christmas Books! The once I have been reading are around 150-250 pages. So it makes for a fast HOLIDAY Read. Holiday meaning- Thanksgiving, and or during Christmas time. I feel that these Christmas Books can really put a perspective on the Holiday.

Christmas Roses is a heart-felt story of a little girl just trying to help her family. It is not just about that, but it also shows us that we do not know people just by appearances alone. We need to really have quality time talking to a person and ask the right kinds of questions. We need to make time for those that come into our life and or home, and really learn about them. You never know when you might change someones life!

This cover is a simple but pretty cover. The cover helps you imagine were Celia is walking down the lane. Amanda Cabot can really get your imagination work, and you heart feeling all the pain and happiness the characters feel.

Thank you to Revell for allowing me to read this AMAZING CHRISTMAS BOOK! All opinions are my own. 

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