Saturday, October 20, 2012

Dot Mine Planner

Dot Mine Day Planner is a supper great planner. I love the fact that you can purchase it in Aug when the school year starts, and do not have to buy it until the following Dec. basically mine goes from August 2012- December 2013! 

This is the photo of the planner I received  I love the patter and coloring. It is totally out side of the box for my everyday life.

This planner has a Master Scheduler for each of the seasons. Which is something new for me. So I personally have not used it to the full functionality of it. It has a month and a weekly planner. The weekly pages have little quotas at the bottom of the pages, which is a nice idea! It gives it a personal touch! OH yeah they even give you little sticker to place on your weekly or monthly calender- things like Birthdays, Anniversary  Doctors, No SCHOOL, Events and that is to just name a few.

I am very impressed with this planner, and maybe making this brand my new brand to buy! Thank you to Dot Mine for sending me this planner, I almost missed out on this one. Glad my friend made sure I joined in the reviews they offer. All opinions are my own.

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