Sunday, July 15, 2012

What Have You Been Up To?

This is what I have been up to the last 3 months give or take. I know I have been up to a lot more, but I just wanted to share a few projects that we (as a family) have been working on. 

20120701_083451We purchased 8 chickens this Spring 2012. So we had to build 2 Chicken Coops. One for us and one for my parents. So here is what ours looks like.

Photo 1- Is just the front of the coop, nothing special. For those who know us though can tell that the coop looks like the front of our home minus the planter box roof.


Photo 2 - Is still the front of the coop, but I wanted to show you that we put a door there. This way we can help the chickens in at night if needed. Or we can give the chickens scratch, bread, vegetables, and other things threw the door.

Photo 3 - This is one of the sides to the coop. This is where we will get our eggs once they start laying. You can also see a white tube, that is the water to the 


automatic waterer that we have.

Photo 4 - Is still the side of the egg collection box. Though now you can see a big long white cylinder which is the feeder.


 All we have to do is open it up and dump in a bag of feed every so often. The tube also has a see through spot that we put in to know when it is low, and needs refilling. I believe it holds around 25 pounds of feed. Towards the bottom you can see our chickens. Along with the automatic waterer, or part of it any ways.


Photo 5 - Still that same side. You can just see the top of the roof and the feeder. YOu can also see one of the drain pipes for the panter-hehe... That should have said Planter. This is to make sure that the plants are not sitting in water all day long, and can be well-drained.


Photo 6 - You can see the opposite side now. You can see the door to the inside of the coop. For cleanings.  You can also see that we had to put a piece of ply wood along our fence to help keep things 


strong, and more so to not bother the neighbors we have. You can also see the bottom of the waterer we have.

Photo 7 - Is just an other view of the side of the coop.

Photo 8 -  Is just a view from the top so you can see how 


long it is. You can also see the feeder.Photo 9 - These are the feeders and waterer. That fit right under the coop.323223_406593719377726_928132185_o

This is what it looks like with a few plants on top!



I hope you enjoyed looking out our chicken coop! Stay tuned to see my planter boxes!

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