Thursday, July 12, 2012

Week #One #Down With @Nutrisystem #NSNation

So after talking with a few friends they told me it was pointless for me to do my daily posts, since I was just talking about what I eat each day. So that is why you are no longer seeing my daily posts. Week one is now long behind me and week 

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two  is coming to an end. I just wanted to let everyone know how it has been how the foods are and what i have been eating. On the Left is one of my lunches.

I had Salmon, and the NS Cheesy Home-style Mashed Potatoes. Let's talk about the Potatoes, since they are a Nutrisystem food. I was happy with them. This is one thing that I do buy from time to time and feed to my kids. Pre Done Mashed Potatoes. These weren't bad, though I did have to add pepper to them. It worked well with my Salmon I was eating. I did look at the grocery store to see how many calories the same type of potatoes are in the single serve container and they are 110 Calories rather than 200. So I might just buy a few of those, and see how they are. Though I did re order this item for next month.

 On the Right is the NS New Chefs Table Whole Wheat Crepes. You will see that I took a photo of the food along with the a pouch. I did that because that is how it comes. I take that pouch and heat it up, then cut it 

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open and server it on my plate. The food that comes in these pouches are the frozen foods.

Now lets talk about the Grilled Chicken Breast that you are to use on a bun, like a Chicken Hamburger. Let me start out with I was GROSSED out by it. First off when I cut it open, it smelled like Cat Food. NASTY! BLAH... Then I couldn't tell if it was Fish or Chicken. Well it wasn't great tasting either. It wasn't bad with a bun, and mustard and salad. Needless to say I am not re ordering the Chicken.

Now on for my weight loss!

I have lost 5 pounds!!! I am now down to 191. I did way my self mid-week and was down 2 pounds then I weighed myself again and I had gained 1 so I figured I would have not lost anything.  But I did!

Thank you Nutrisystem for allowing me to be on your blogging team! All opinions are my own.

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