Tuesday, July 17, 2012

S & S Fish Rub

I love to cook with all kinds of seasonings, I have 1 cup board filled with just spices. I have all kinds of spices from name brands like McCormick, to unknowns, and home-made mixes. When I came across this up and coming brand S & S Brand I jumped at the chances to try it out.

I tried the Fish Rub, on Salmon that I had purchased. It happened to be a meal we shared with my parents. So I will give you a few point of views or reviews. Let me start with I forgot to season both sides of the Salmon, and we BBQed it on the out-door grill. 

My thoughts on the seasoning was that is was good, it wasn't bad. I just feel that with me forgetting to properly season the fish that I could not really give this a full review. I enjoyed the Salmon very much that I had it for lunch the next day. I did feel that it needed a little more garlic and salt or maybe even a little pepper. That's just me thought.

My dad said "it needed more lemon and more spices." My mom also chimed in and said "it was missing something" and "that maybe it was just more salt."

I will not order this product online, but wait and pick some up the next time we are in San Francisco.  Yes- I will go out of my way to buy it, rather than spending the shipping.

Don't forget to check them out at www.sandsbrand.com, Facebook and or Twitter.

To see a photo of the Salmon.

Thank you to S & S Brand for mailing me the Fish Rub and I can not wait to try the others. All opinions are my own.

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