Thursday, July 26, 2012

PMD Review

PMD - Personal MicroDerm Review. Let me start with I received this great little skin aid during baseball season. Since I was coaching my son's team and out in the sun a lot I had to put off trying this great little tool.  I was taught that when you do any kind of treatments on your skin you should avoid the sun. Now on to my thoughts.

If you are not sure what a Personal MicroDerm is it is a way for you to help your skin rejuvenate its' shelf. It is also known as MicroDerm Abrasion. This is an other way of taking away the dead skin cells off your face. It can help minimize things like big pores, fine lines, dark spots, blemishes and some scares.

If you have been lucky enough to afford to get this treatment done in a Salon or SPA know that you can spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on this treatment. Since I worked in a Salon that was truing into a SPA and had a Medical Estatition working with me, I was able to do a few of these treatments. Know what is an Estetician RN well she is a licensed RN and a licensed Estetcian. She has worked with celebrities.


This little system is very comparable to any kind of mico treatments I have had. I have tried quite a few and very rarely do I find anything that comes close to the real thing. The PMD truly does come close to it. You just have to know your skin and what it can handle before you start right on it with the highest treatment pads. Which are my favorite!

Down fall- Yes, I did get my system for FREE. But it took me a while to get it even after I was approved to get it. Not sure what happened. I was told it was a shipping error, which is fine since they happen. I wasn't even going to talk about it since it really didn't matter. I was not in a hurry or in need of it right then and there. I only say something since the day I got it in I was reading about it more, since I really did not know much about it. I found almost all the posts and reviews were of people who purchased their PMD and were complaints that it took weeks to get their in. I know if I was paying  top dollar for something I would want it to come in with in one to two weeks. It sounds to me that they have fixed these issues. But it is hard for me to tell. 

One more down fall, it is not cordless. But yet the cord comes out of it. So I figured it was. I thought the thing was broken. Hahaha Yeah you should have seen me trying to make it work with out the cord! Pretty funny!

But with all that I have said. I WOULD TOTALLY PURCHASE THIS ITEM! Now I hope I get to try the skin care to go with it. That is something I am wanting to know if it works well, and if it makes a difference in the PMD.

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Thank you PMD! All opinions are my own.



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