Friday, July 6, 2012

@Nutrisystem Day 3 #NSNation

D.A.Y 3 

Well today would be Day 3 on my Nutrisystem Diet, and it is also July 4th. Today I weighted myself, and it's not my weekly weight in but I have lost almost 4 pounds in just the 2 days I started. I did not stay 100% on track but I did well. I had NS Apple Strudel Bar for breakfast. Well half of it at least, my kids wanted to try it so they had the other half. I also did my Greens and Coffee. Since I had a late breakfast I had a banana for my lunch, along with a Cheese Stick. I also had the NS Flame Broiled Burger. Let me tell you those instructions totally threw me off! After allowing it to re hydrate I tossed it on the grill, and had it with a Whole Wheat bun. I also had a side salad. I did purchase some Snaples that are only 10 calories a  bottle. I had 1 of those. So all in all it was a good day. 

OH I also downloaded the MyFitness Pal App, so now I am using 2 apps to track my food intake.

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