Thursday, July 5, 2012

@Nutrisystem Day 1 #NSNation

Well today was my first day on my way to a NEW LIFE STYLE. I am know 196 pounds!!


So here we go. 

While I take the first step to a better me I pray that I can stay on track, and live a healthier life for the long run. Not just for the next few weeks but for the rest of my life. Since I am Now Nutrisystem Blogger I am starting my journey with the Nutrisystem Diet. Which is all new to me, I am still finding myself having to look things up. On what to eat and what not to eat.

So today.....

D.A.Y 1-

I have downloaded the Nutrisystem App on my smart phone! I have also had to contact a consultant about the full list of foods to eat. Which she emailed to me right away.

What I eat.....

Breakfast- I had the NS (Nutrisystem) Whole Wheat Bagle with Creamy Peanut Butter, a cup of Coffee with Milk and Sugar, and It Works Greens (which is a vitamin) in 2 oz of Apple Juice.

A.M. Snack- I did not have my PF (which is a Power Fuel- and should be some kind of protein such as Nuts, Cheese Sticks and so on)

Lunch- I had the NS Italian Herb Flatbread, a hard boiled Egg while I was waiting for my Flatbread too cook in the toaster oven. 

P.M. Snack- Is your SM (which is your Smart Carbs- things like your fruits) I ended up having half an Apple with 1 table spoon Creamy Peanut Butter, and 1 Table Spoon Greek Yogurt.  Along with the NS Coffee Flavored Protein Shake with 1 cup of Milk.

Dinner- Meat Loaf and Mashed Potatoes. That was it

Dessert- Orange Cream Bar

Now lets talk about the food. Well this for me is a lot of food, I mean you should see all the food here to eat!!! Or at least seems like I am eating more on NS then with out it.  On top of that we do not typically buy a lot of pre packaged foods, so this is all very new to me also.

NS Whole Wheat Beagle you can do that on your own. You do not need to buy that with NS use your money for other foods, that are hard to find or portion out. You can know even buy the new Bagle Thins which are 60 calories less than the NS ones. You just have to remember to only eat one.  

NS Italian Flatbread was not bad. I was pretty happy. I had a client about 6 years ago do the NS Diet and was like the food is horrible!! Don't even think about doing it. So I was glad that the Flatbread was good.

NS Coffee e Shake let me tell you that I mixed this in with 1 cup of Milk, and it is SO GOOD!! Totally yummy. I have more to say about this, so keep an eye out for a post just about the Shake.

NS Meat Loaf is one of the meals I was really looking forward to on this diet. I could not wait to try it. So this had to be my first Dinner. But I am sad to say that it was not worth eating! Blah Blah--- No Good! I had to dumb things on it to just try and eat it. Totally was not happy. Its ok though now I know not to re order that, and can move on. Thank You Nutrisystem for believing in me!

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