Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ear Band-It Orignial Review

As you know that my youngest has leaning disabilities. We believe it is due to not hearing correctly and a year ago we had to have ear tubs put in. Well that was right in the middle of our swimming season. If you have had a child with tubes you know that it is a pain in the rear, they can not get water in their ears. Well at least not pool water.

So we had to purchase putty and all kinds of ear plugs. Nothing would stay in his ears. I mean we would be holding him and the darn things would just fall out. So I started googling ear plugs, after our first heat back in MAY and I found these Ear Band-It things.

I had to drive over 1 hour to buy them but well worth every MILE and every PENNY.  We didn't get to use them the next day, but we did a few weeks later. Let me tell you he LOVES it! Not just that, but now he can get in the water! Now he can splash, and play and have FUN! NO MOVE THINGS FALLING OUT! All we have to do is put the putty in and then wrap his head with the Ear Band-It. 

Now let me also say. I have had to purchase a few different putties! This putty that comes with it is the best by far! Hands down. Easy to roll and soft to put in, not to sticky - but just right! Supper glad I found these. I

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