Monday, June 4, 2012

Drop Dead Diva 6/3

Let me start off with Brooke Elliott- Man she is so beautiful. Yeah she is over weight but who cares. She looks good, and she is not ashamed to show it. Down side I have no idea who styled her for the first show, but I was not impressed with the court scenes. They made her look so miss proportioned. I was like really people. I can't believe that no one noticed it at all. How many takes do you think they did? How many people work on the set and no on noticed? 

Then what about her best friend I believe her name is April Bowlby.  An other pretty girl! But what was up with her hair extensions showing. You could totally tell that she had them, not just in one scenes but in a few of them. Really people pay attention to your job. I am sure that they pay people to look those things over and fix them. SHHEEESHH.. 

Ok- so enough of me complaining about the wardrobe malfunctions.

I don't know about this season. It seems that they are giving Jane a new attitude, and or approach to life. Which can be great. So we will have to see what happens. 

Now- what about Kim Kardashian as Nicole something? I don't know that I was impressed. I like what they had her say, but still not sure I know how I feel about her on this show.  It also seems that she will be back on a few shows so lets she how that goes too. 

Ok- so I am to opinionated on this show! Sorry guys! So what do you think?

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