Wednesday, May 23, 2012

More Laundry?? Why Yes- I Am Always Doing Laundry!

Lets talk about A Happy Green Life. I received this laundry soap a few weeks back. Let me start with when I opened the box it came in. Oh man did it SMELL!! It smelt so good!!  I used it right away since the smell was so good. I have Fruit Slices, and it truly smells like Fruit Punch. 

The washing power seem to work great! I used it on my boy's baseball pants which had grass and mud stains from an other washing that never came out. So I did a pre treat on the spots, by wetting the pants in those spots and rubbing them with the soap. Then tossed them in the wash, with a little more soap. The pants looked like NEW!

Only thing I do not like about this brand, is that the bag it comes in is cheap! It does re seal well. I recommend that you have an other container to put the laundry soap in to help hold the scent.

I believe that this a California, family ran company. What a great way to keep your money here in the USA.... and for me it's even better to keep it here in California. Disclosure- I received a free bag of laundry soap for my review. All opinions are my own.

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