Saturday, May 19, 2012

Let's get back to cleaning- Laundry

Dropps Review ~ I have never tried the pre-packaged pre-measured laundry soaps. 

The only thing along those lines that I have tried, is the dish-washing soaps for your dish-washing machines.

Let me start off with the design of the labels and bags. I am really in LOVE with the logo that they have had made for the Dropps company. I think that is a good color combination, and it looks so fresh. Fresh as in fresh clean laundry. The packaging is also very easy to close and stays closed.

I have only used the Laundry Soap twice, and the  Fabric Softener once. But let me say that I am pretty happy with how easy it is! No worrying that I have used to much or not enough. I am also glad that I did not have any packets not dissolve the right way in my clothing. Which is something I worried about since a friend has told me about an other brand that does that all the time in her wash. But I have had no issues not a one. I used the Sent and Dye Free with the Wild Orchard. I sometimes have issues of my washed clothing smelling a little mildewy from the washer. But I haven't had that issue using this wash and softener. I think that everyone should at least try one bag of each. I know that I will be keeping an eye out for it to be sold in stores near me. I have already asked if any friends would like to go in on a big order. Have you tried this laundry soap? Have your tried one like it? If so tell us about it. Disclosures- I received my product for free in hopes for a review. All opinions are my own.

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