Saturday, April 14, 2012

Surrender All by Joni Lamb Excerpt

Start by looking at the word surrender. The word has many powerful connotations. For some, the idea evokes fear. For others, it’s a sign of weakness. Many consider surrender a failure and associate it with shame.

Surrender to God doesn’t mean you will have to do something you are afraid of doing. He puts the dreams and desires in your heart so that you know whatever comes is right. If being a missionary in a third-world country isn’t a dream or desire of yours, God won’t ask you to do that. He will find the best way to use you to advance the kingdom of God.

Surrendering to God is not an act of weakness. God uses your submission to bring great power into your life.

…Surrendering to God means allowing Him to do what He wants to do with your life; it puts you smack-dab in the center of God’s will. There is no finer or more fulfilling experience than to be doing what He wants us to do.

— Excerpted from Surrender All by Joni Lamb

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