Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Radical by David Platt Excerpted


Sacrifice Your Money for a Specific Purpose

What if you took the next year and set a cap on your lifestyle? What if you sought for the next year to minimize luxuries in your life? This might involve selling present luxuries or withholding the purchase of future luxuries or intentionally sacrificing resources you already have.

I emphasize that this would be a one-year commitment for you. I point that out because there are some expenses you could postpone for one year that you might not be able to postpone for ten years. There are some things you could do without for one year that maybe you could not feasibly do without for ten years. But what would it look like for you (or your family) to make intentional sacrifices over the next year for the glory of Christ in light of specific, urgent needs in the world?

— Excerpted from Radical by David Platt

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