Friday, April 13, 2012

#FridayFinds - Sensationail

I just purchased this Sensationail Essentials Kit at CVS since it was on sale for $23. Since I just purchased this kit, I can not give you a 100% of my complete thoughts. The point of this post was to tell you that you can get the Sensationail Starter Kit along with a FREE Gel Nail Polish for around $50 from your local CVS. You do need to make sure that you buy the full kit, unless you have a UV Light. 

My Pros- Well I like that you can just buy this at the local CVS, and any one can just go and buy it. I like that it is so cheap! It is a do it your self. Helps SAVE YOU MONEY!

Cons- The base/top coat is way to think. It seems like it is old. You know how old nail polish gets supper thick. So it causes it to not apply easily. It applies FINE! Just if you get some on the cuticle or skin, it will cure that way, and if you try to push it back will cause the nail polish to lift faster. The point of the nail polish is to last 2 weeks. I have a hard time thinking it will last 2 weeks if you have the base/top coat to thick. I hope that made sense. Please feel free to ask me questions.

I also think that this is a great thing to do with friends. Since you have to cur each application.

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