Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Xia - Xia Nintendo DS Game Review


Xia Xia is such a cute game. We were lucky enough to get it about 4 weeks back. I just was able to pry it out of my son's hands last week and play for an hour or so. So last night I sat down to try to find some screen shots of the game, and I found out that these little hermit crab are little toys you can buy at the store. They are kinda cute little toys. You can check out Xia Xia Pets to see what I'm talking about.


These are just a few of the screen shots you would see. It really is a supper easy and fun game for kids. My son didn't say "Oh man that's a girl game." So I think that this was a win!! I look forward on buying more games by Game Mill.  Disclosures I received a review copy along with a copy we get to keep for an honest review of the game. All opinions are my own.

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