Monday, March 19, 2012

Math Tacular

While searching the web, I found this great little math site called Math Tacular. Since I have been having a hard time finding the right Reading, Writing, and Math programs to use for my 6-year-old. I figured I would ask them if I could get a sample of the products they have. I am so impressed with this company. I really likethe manipulative they  offer, along with the DVD. I think that the DVD is what makes them. Sure you can get manipulative anywhere, or buy them one at a time. I am really happy with the ones they sent me. The patter blocks are nice  and thick, not skinny. This makes it a little easier for my littler kids to use. I also like that the multifix cubes are also similar to the base ten one units that you don't need to buy both. Which is a great way to save you a little money. I was so happy with them, that I recommended to the gals I was speaking with to try to get in with one of the home-school programs we use.

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Disclosure- I received this product for my opinion, all opinions are my own. 

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