Monday, March 26, 2012

Lantern Moon Knitting Keedles Review

Let me start with I am a new knitter. Well not that new. I have been knitting on and off the last 4 years. I love knitting. I just don't  always have time to sit in knit with 3 kids. So for me to spend hundreds of dollars on knitting things does  not make since. So I have been buying things here and there over that last 4 years. I have purchased a few different interchangeable knitting needles. I tend to use the interchangeable more, since I can cast on and  take of the tips if I need them for some other project. For me it makes more since to buy interchangeable than to buy the same size circular needles, but just a longer cable. Basically if your buying one needle for $15 and then having to buy an other for a few dollars more, it just doesn't make since. So the last few months I have been trying to find the right knitting needles for me and the best ones out there. I have purchased a few different sets, and just some plain old regular curricular. But let me tell you since I have received these Rosewood Lantern Moon needles I have made lots of great things. From wash clothes, and have started a t-shirt for myself! I am totally happy and in love with these beautiful knitting needles. I can say that these needles are money well spent. Only down fall, is that you have to buy the whole set. They do not sell them  one set at a time. I totally wish they did! I would buy a set of size 15 for my son, or size 8 for a friend. Since I have these needles and they work so great, I am going to be doing a how to session soon. I will be teaching a simple stitch, and how to cast on and what not. I can't wait to show you the finished shirt that I am making. Be sure to follow Lantern Moon in as many ways as you can; Facebook, Ravelry, Twitter, and the blog they have. Disclosures- I received a set of knitting needles for FREE and for my honest opinion. All Opinions are my own.

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