Friday, March 16, 2012

Here I Am

Well as you know the last few months have been hard for me. My grandfather and a dear friend passing. To top that off we have has an other 2 deaths. An other friend, and an uncle. Those two were due to illness. 

These are not the only reasons I have been MIA, I have been in the process of changing how we home-school. So it is a new routine. To top that off our 2-year-old who is special needs, has had 3 tests, and 1 IEP meeting. So that means more people in and out of our home which equals no Laundry on the sofa to fold, no dishes in the sink, and NO HUGE MESSES.  With 3 kids, it has been non stop. We also just started Baseball Season here, and somehow I manages to sign up and be the team Manager--eeekkk!

Baseball has been a nice change of pace for me. For the whole family really.  My oldest son, and middle son are on the same team. So the team is made up of one four-year old, a few 5-year-old who are turning 6, a few 6-year-old turning 7 and one 7-year-old who will be 8. Great group of kids! Some of the kids seem to have been playing for a while. Were this is only our second year. It is also my 4-year-old first year. The funny thing is that the Coaches kids, seem to not know how to play to well. You would have thought that they would have been the better players. Not in this case at all!

The last 3 weeks I have had only an hour here and an hour there for the computer. It seems like by the time I just read my emails and get them all settled its time to run to the next appointment. I have a week or 2 before having more appointments again. These next set will be to help deter-main my son's hearing loss. I think that is most of his issues is that he can no hear correctly. But who knows- I'm no Doctor! 

Please stay tuned for the next week or so are going to be jam-packed of reviews, and some great things.

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