Thursday, March 22, 2012

Giveaway Hops

So I have been on the search for FREE giveaway hops to join, but for some reason I can not find any. I see tons for $5 hops. Which is a very great deal, when your buying into something. You know the hops with the Kindles, and or Nooks things like that. But when your paying them $5 to just post around about the hop seems a little crazy too me. So what if you get 5,000 hits a month. Your not doing any more work then I would be doing. So what your answering a few questions. But $5 and you have like 50 people who joined, that's $250 that person just made! For what nothing really. So I ask why are bloggers doing this? To me it just seems like a way to make some money off of us. Friends don't charge friends to help them.

Just looked down and noticed that my lap top needs to charge, but I will come back to this topic. Just wanting to put it out there.

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