Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Farm Rich

I received a coupon from Farmer Rich a few months back. As soon as I received it I started looking at our grocery stores to buy a bag of the frozen meat balls. None of the stores we have here in town had them nor did they have Farm Rich products. It took me about 2 months just to find a store that had something in stock.  So as soon as I found them I just purchased the cheese sticks. Which are pretty good I guess. I never have purchased anything like that before. So I wasn't really sure what to look for. So if I compare them to what you get in a restaurants these are just as good. I guess they would be healthier in a way since I put them in the oven versus deep-frying them. I am still looking forward to buy the meat balls when I find them. The stores now seem to have Farmer Rich items in stores, and more then 1 store carries these items. Disclosure- I received a FREE coupon in order to try this product. All opinions are my own.

~ Bertolli ~  A Billion Reasons Why ~

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