Saturday, March 24, 2012 Review


This year home schooling as been totally different than last year. Last year we started with a program, and well I met with to talk to them about my son's skills. I told them what he could do and could not do. The next time we met they said here you go for the reading program. We got to choose between Math online, or off. It was so easy. This year we are using a new program, were we choose what we spend out money on. The programs we loved from last year, were just to pricey for us to buy. Such as Reading Street. We LOVE LOVE LOVE it. So I ordered an other program, and well it came in and it was way to easy for him. It was like re doing what he has already learned. So for almost half the school year we did not have a reading program. So I have been searching for new things for hims to do. In the last few weeks I found ABCTeach, and a few other web sites, that I will talk about in and other post or two. When I found ABCTeach, I started forwarding it to a few friends. I emailed the company, and was lucky enough to get a 1 month FREE trial. I am totally in love!! I also looked into them for our school funds, and guess what I can use our school funds for this great website. I have been using it for so many great things. Like Lap Books, Word Searches, Cross Word Puzzles and much much more. I am really stoked about getting to use this website over the coming years. Disclosures I received a 1 month trial of the ABCTeach web site for my honest opinion. All opinions are my own. 

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