Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Where are you?

Where I am or where I have been? Let me start off with this might be all over the place, so for that I apologize. On January 27th I received a phone call NO Mother should ever have to make. A dear friend of mine called me to let me know that her Son (MY Brother Basically) had died the day before. Let me tell you the SHOCK that came over me. He had just

returned from Afghanistan not even 2 months back. Our poor friend could not handle calling my Parents or My Natural Born Brother. So I was left with that task. Let me say TALKING TO MY FATHER MADE ME BRAKE. We have just lost my Grandfather. My Parents think of this young man 23-year-old as a child of their own family. After telling him I just sat and cried. NO ONE SHOULD EVER HAVE BURY A CHILD--NO ONE! I do not wish that kind of pain on my worst enemy! So for that last 2 weeks almost I have been helping my friend deal with the pain of barring her child. It has been a very emotional period in my life. Not knowing how to help her. It's not just with the loss of her son, but with the changes that have happened to her over the last 5 years, were resurfacing. Making it so that everyone had to re-live the things of her past. It was like dumping salt in a fresh wound. We have all been able to move forward to a point. Let me tell you that Saturday was just AMAZING on how many Vets came to celebrate, our friends young life!

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