Saturday, February 11, 2012

UGLee Pen Review

UGLee Pen 


So when I received my pen, I was like what the heck this pen is UGLY! Really they are not all that nice looking. Now as far as how well they work, they work GREAT! At first I was like oh this isn't going to get a GOOD review from me. It's not the kind of point I like to write with. I typically steal my husbands pens that he buys for work. Since the UGLee Pen has entered my home, I have found that I NO LONGER STEAL my husbands pens. I have also FOUND myself reaching for this pen in our pen and pencil cup. I am supper happy on how they write. This pen writes so smoothly. I am also glad that you can buy refills for it. I am also pretty impressed that Dr. James Lee is willing to give you your money back. Just watch the video.

This is the only ergonomic pen that I have tried. So now I am kind of wanting to try a few others so that I can say "ok this is the best!" I would totally recommend someone who does a lot of hand writing to buy a pack of these pens and try them out. Your not loosing anything if you don't like them send them back.

Disclosure- I received a set of these pens for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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