Sunday, February 19, 2012

Tucker Mills Trilogy By Lori Wick

Tucker Mills Trilogy by Lori Wick Book Blurb

Randall as he leaves his childhood home to help his Uncle Woody Randall run the saw mill in Token Creek. Jace diligently focuses on work until he meets the visiting niece of local storekeepers. Jace pursues her until she finally agrees to attend a picnic with him and take a chance. But before the relationship has a strong foundation, the couple separates because of gossip fueled by Jace's sister. Later, when she admits her wrongdoing and shares her testimony of a new faith, the couple must decide whether to try again. Will the sister's example of faith and transformation be enough to restore broken dreams?

 ~ Chocolate Brownie Bars ~ A Billion Reasons Why By Kristin Billerbeck ~

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