Monday, February 27, 2012

Mama I Want To Sing Movie Review

Mama I Want To Sing



Movie Blurb~
Talented but naive, Amara Winter (Ciara) is a young gospel singer who dreams of pop stardom. Raised in a tight-knit community, Amara is discovered by agents who quickly propel her to the top with recording sessions and television appearances.  Soured by the sudden media attention, Amara’s preacher mother (Whitfield) implores her to stay grounded.  Amara faithfully pursues her music career even in the face of creating a strained relationship with her mother, and turns to her father (Winans) and Sister Carrie (LaBelle) for support.  On her way to the limelight, Amara must learn to navigate the often-treacherous world of celebrity and find a way to remain true to herself and to her family.

My Thoughts ~
Ok so let me just say not worth the money to buy, nor to rent. The music was good, but the story line was just silly. It felt like it dragged out. I didn't even finish watching it. Here is an other review I found. Disclosure- I received the above movie for free, for my honest thoughts. All thoughts are my own.

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