Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Label Daddy Review

I had never really heard of Label Daddy before, until I stumbled upon the web site. Well since  I am obsessed with these type of  kids labels, I asked if I could host a review with them. I was lucky enough to get a "yes!" What I was really happy about is that I got a Gift Certificate so I could really review the whole site from start to  finish. I had a hard time figuring out what I wanted to order. I  ordered one of the combo packs that they offer. Not to mention that I  have 3 little boys, who each wanted a different icon on the labels we were ordering. We finally end up with the Spider Man Web, which is the above photo.  I should have just ordered the small all purpose labels. That way we would get more of the labels we use on a regular basis, and each my kids could have had a custom one. But I honestly am very happy with what I ordered. I love to have the combo packs because you can really see the work that they do, and you can see the different things they offer. Anyhow- Back to my review. I went to order something that had our email address on it, but for some reason I could not get it to work. Which was ok, since I ended up with one that just had out last name. I was much happier with that. I did all the steps needed, and went to check out. It was very easy, but when you add your gift certificate it does not show you what your new total is until you go to the next screen. Plus before you go to the next screen you have to already added your credit card payment. I would have much rather them show your total after the gift certificate then add your credit card payment. So that would be the only thing that I would change on the web site. But that is just something silly on my end and is not important. Now lets talk about the LABELS-- I am pretty impressed with the labels! I have yet to add them to the kids cups, and wash them. But they have held up on a few of the things I did put them on. Which was our paint brushes, for a paint class, and an Awana Vest. Which gets washed and ironed. Still look GREAT! I am totally going to order again! I think that these are much more fun for the kids, since they have the Disney and Marval Characters. My kids totally were a lot more impressed with the with them. They already have a list of which ones they each want to order. So that is saying a lot! Label Daddy JOB WELL DONE!! GREAT PRODUCT! You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter and on the co hosted Blog.


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