Monday, January 23, 2012

Soda Stream Review

Well I have had my Soda Stream here in my home for quite a few month. Maybe since October. When I received the package  directly form Soda Stream, I was so impressed. I mean the package far seceded my  expectoration. I took it right out and started playing with it. So here's the thing I have mixed feeling about this Model I have. The first time I used it I had a hard time getting the bottle screwed into the machine to make soda. It took me a few tries. It is very awkward to have to angle your hand just so to get the bottle on in order to make soda. Then you have to push the button, so many time to get the soda fizzy. Ok fine, we do it then we pour in the soda mix. First time it did not mix up, nor did the fizz taste right. So we dumped it and tried again. Same thing, but this time I closed the lid and tipped it up side down.  Well needless to say it exploded. But still didn't taste quite right. So I have had to just play with it for a while.

Here are the few secrets I have figured out that might help you, so after you put the bottle in and you push the button how ever many time to get the fuzz, and the funny sound, I recommend releasing it, and before you un screw the bottle, do the fuzz again. I do this about 3 or 4 times. You will notice a big difference.Then I just figured out this little part this week. When pouring your syrup in, pour it right on in slowly,  no need to tip the bottle or anything like that.

Like I have said I have mixed feeling, now that I have taken the time to really play with I am still not 100% sold on this model. I hope to get the newer one, sometime soon. So that I can try it and really give you my opinion.

This product is still well worth the purchase, since the soda is better for you than the pre canned kind. I also preferred this rather then have soda cans sit on my shelves a year or longer. Since we do not drink much soda in our home.Please feel free to read a few other reviews of this product. Just by following these links. The Jolly Blogger's Thoughts or A Life Full Of Laughter or Year Of Jubilee. Please don't forget to follow this great company on Facebook and or Twitter.


Disclosure: I received a package filled with goodies for me to try for my honest opinion. All opinions are my own.


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