Thursday, January 5, 2012

More Updates


December 2nd we barried my grandfather. The next day we had to take our baby to the ER. He had croop. The older two had never had croop, so it was an experiance none the less. I too was sick, I slept about half the day on Saturday, then the following 2 days I just slept. Not sure if it was fromt he stress or just beign sick. But let me tell you I am still sick! I finilly had the Dr. give me some anti biotics last Friday.

But during the last 4 week each one of my kids got sick with something. The Doctors also thoguht that the house hold had RSV an other infection we have never had. Luckly the tests came back negative. So that is why you have not seen a ton of posts. Not that I posted a lot anyhow, but still. This is truely to show how life really does just happen with or with out kids.

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