Saturday, January 7, 2012

Basic Cake Mix

A Basic Cake Mix I make and store in containers, or in 1 big container and use it threw out the  year. I love how easy it is to just make it and store it. Plus I am not spending $2 on a box of cake mix, that is filled with a ton of fillers. Though we still by them when I can get them for about 50 cents a box- but that is not to often.


Basic Cake Mix

5 cups of flour

2.5 tablespoons baking powder

2.5 teaspons salt

3.5 cups sugar

1 1/4 cup shortening

Now all you do is just put all the ingredeants together and rub in the  shortening. I use a pasty blender to get it mixed well. You should make it the consistansy of corn meal. I don't think I get mine that finely mixed, but if you can great. This mix makes about 4-5 cakes, and can be stored for 3 months in 1 big container or already sorted into 4 1/2 cup conainers.



I will be posting the recipes that I use with this Basic Cake Mix. I make everything from Plain Cake, Chocolate Cake, White Cake, Cake in the Crock Pot, and even Applesauce Cake. If you have a way to use this Basic Cake Mix or any other great baking recipes link us to them.



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