Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Avanti Wet To Dry Flat Iron Review



Let me start off that not a lot of people know that I am a licensed Cosmetologist, or in other words Hair Dresser.  So with that said I am very picky on the types and brand I use for my hair and any other persons hair that I might do. So when I received this Avanti Ultra Wet to Dry Flat Iron, I was pretty impressed that it did not look cheap and janky. I was a little worried about the shiny plates, since an other brand has plates like these, and I do not care for that brand and the Flat Iron they sale. I was also pretty excited to try the Flat Iron Stand. Which Flat Iron Experts call the Flat Iron Expert Holder, I also received a Thermal Shine Spray.

So lets start with the Thermal Shine Spray. I 100% LOVE the way it smells. It is not really

like the sprays that I have tried before. I have tried quite a few. I like to buy all the new brand when they come out to try them all out, that way I know what to recommend to my clients or family and friends. I totally recommend this product. For two reasons. One being that I have EXTREMELY oily hair!!! This does not make my hair look oily at all! Nor did it make my head itch. But the last reason I really like this, is because if you still like to blow dry your hair you can use this. Its not one of those things you can only use when you Curl or Flat Iron your hair. TOTALLY WORTH A PURCHASE!

So lets get to the main reason I started this post. The FLAT IRON. So I said already that I was unsure of the plates. But really who cares what your plate look like as long as the Iron does its job. I was pretty impressed with this Wet to Dry Iron.  I normally stay away from them. After using this Iron a few times I can tell you it works pretty well. The first time I used it I was getting a little steam a t the roots. Which I was not to happy with since that can cause burning. So I looked at how I was holding the Iron and noticed that the holes were facing scalp and not the other way. So once I turned it no more feeling the steam. I DO NOT recommend you using this right out of the shower with dripping wet hair. I really do recommend you make sure your hair is towel dry, and not soaking wet. You will get burns if it is. I did try it that way, and it's just not safe. So please use it the right way. Make sure you hair is not soaking wet, your hair can be damp. You can use small sections if it's a little more on the wet side. It will help with the out come of the look. I recommend this Iron for those of us who don't want to spend hours in the bathroom. I like to get dressed and dilly dally for a little while before using this Iron. I have also used this iron on DRY hair. Still works great!


What will you lose? They are money back guaranteed! If you are un - happy for whatever reason, just email the company talk to them and see what they can do to help you. Maybe you just need something different.

Here is a video I found. It is short and talks more bout the specs of the Iron. But she ONLY recommends this Iron for thick coarse hair. She also ONLY recommend it for DAMP HAIR! I say ANYONE CAN USE THIS! I have short, fine, oily hair and had NO ISSUES!

disclosure I received the above items for free. In hopes that I would post a review with my honest opinion. All opinions are my own.

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