Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Winter Furs to Keep You WARM

Years ago, our ancestors wore furs to keep them warm. Actually, it's still done in many parts of this country and all over the world. is Denver's oldest furrier, offering many fur jackets for sale since 1951. Their selection includes rabbit, chinchilla, fox, raccoon and more. Gone are the days when the Daniel Boone caps were fashionable. We now have furs in various styles and colors, which of course, are far more versatile. You're far less likely to get laughed at.

In style this year is the short-sleeved short coat (vest), which offers a lighter weight without sacrificing looks (and warmth!).

I've also read that fur is resistant to moths and does not require special storage to prevent deterioration. Have you seen what moths can do to your clothes?

You might also want to consider that fake furs contain non-biodegradable materials.

If you can afford the coat, you may want to visit Of course, we can never guarantee that people will stop asking, "Is that REAL?!"

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