Monday, December 26, 2011

The Last Two Months

Some of you may have noticed that I have not been around much since November. Well my  BEST FRIEND's Grandfather got sick. While she was going back and forth to help and well to just spend time with him. Her kids were being passed, around from one person to an other. I would sit back and watch the things that would go on. How family can treat a person. How one set of kids could really be so cruel to a sibling while their Grandfather was passing away. Now that could be a whole other post all in its own. But during this time of need in her life was also a time of need in so many others that we know. So my time was being spent helping were I could. I believe it was the 2nd Tuesday of the month of November, and we had a friends Mother pass away, the following Tuesday a friends Mother In Law, the following Tueseday my Grandfather, the following Thursday a friends Sister, that Saturday a cousins Mother. It has not stopped, I stopped counting and keeping track. I know that we have had about 3-6 more deaths in between it all. 


The saddest one for me was YES was my Grandfather, but it would also have to be a friend of the family loosing her baby at 37 weeks. That for me is so hard. That has made me relive the Drs. telling me at 20 week pregnant with my first child that I was already dilating and having contraction, that if I had the baby now he would not make it. But the worst one was being 26 weeks and being told that I would have my baby in a few days. That his percentages were not good. But it was bad when the DR his self comes out into a waiting room to just give you a HUG and tell you he is praying for you. That is hard, that make you really think that you have to pre pair for the worse possible thing to loose a child. I know that pain, but for the DR to say your baby is already gone; I can not fathom. That has to be 100 times more painful then the pain I was feeling. To have to move on with your life with out the child that you have had to give birth. Not just that but to have to give birth knowing your child is not ever going to breath, is the most heart wrenching pain I could not even imagine in 100 years. While we were at the cemetery to berried the baby. I noticed something I had never noticed before. ALL the babies. The cemetery had to have had over 100 babies. Some hours old, some days, months and years, and even some who never took a breath. Even in 2011 we still have still births, and mothers ding to while giving birth. It is just amazing. My heart goes to all the families that have lost a--- a baby or child.


Please if you can find it in your heart, or in your bank account please help, my friends family by donating what you can. If you need support after a loss of a baby or need help to berry your child please go to Masons Cause, if you can also help in supporting these amazing people please do so.

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