Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Blue Sky Scrubs

If you're wondering where to buy scrubs online take a look at Blue Sky Scrubs. They carry sizes from XXS to Adult Plus and they also carry Petites/Talls. Looking for a last minute gift for your child? Here's an idea...

Buy them a kid-sized scrub so they can pretend to be a doctor or a nurse. Accompany the scrub with a stethoscope set and you're good to go. It may also help them with their anxiety every time they go into a medical facility. Just a thought!

Here’s the story behind Blue Sky:
Shelby Marquardt, the creator, disliked the ill-fitting traditional scrub hats that did not accommodate her long hair. This led to the invention of Pony Scrub Hat®, which has a ribbon tied pouch that allows one to have a ponytail. She also developed the Pixie Scrub Hat® for women with shorter hair, and then created the men’s version.

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