Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Blue Sky Scrubs

If you're wondering where to buy scrubs online, Blue Sky Scrubs is the go-to place! Forget those unflattering, drab uniforms of the old days that mask your figure and make you feel all yuck. You have curves and the last thing you want to do is hide them, right? They carry sizes from XXS to Adult Plus and they also carry Petites/Talls.

Here’s the story behind Blue Sky:
Shelby Marquardt, the creator, disliked the ill-fitting traditional scrub hats that did not accommodate her long hair. This led to the invention of Pony Scrub Hat®, which has a ribbon tied pouch that allows one to have a ponytail. She also developed the Pixie Scrub Hat® for women with shorter hair, and then created the men’s version.

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