Friday, November 11, 2011

Tiny Prints Cards

So I received a card from a friend threw this ompany. So I have been eyeing some of the cards they offer. They are supper cute! Check out the Holiday Cards they offer. How do you choose your Holiday cards? I can tell you that I have a few things that I look for when choosing cards. 1) Being does the coloring in the photo go with the coloring in the card. 2) Well this one is the one I never know what to pick. The how many photos to put on the card. I love trying to fit one single photo of each of my kids plus one of them all together. So this becomes challenging. I sometimes can find a card that work and others I just end up using just one single photo of them all together. I did find this year that I do LOVE the circular card a lot, due to the fact that the people receiving them can use them as holiday decorations year after year. These are just 2 of the ones that i really enjoined by Tiny Prints. Looking at their site has made me really think about what we are going to do. I am thinking my kids are going to have to get hair cuts and photos done this week! Go to Tiny Prints and leave me a comment on what you might like to order.

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