Thursday, November 10, 2011

One Year Devotional for kids

I have found DYNAMIC One Year Devotional for boys and girls. The girls version would be Truth or Dare by Ann-Margret Hovsepain, and the boys wouel be Triple Dog Dare by Jeremy Jones. Both books are Dynamic just skimming the black and white pages, made me excited to read them! Plus the AMAZINGLY done covers, really caught my kids attention.

I started with reading the first few days, of the Truth or Dare and was very impressed to find that they did not only talk about GOD, but they also thought us about eating better. The book recommend on getting a notebook for your child to keep what Oprah would call a gratitude journal. I love that it has a recommendation of what passages to read from the bible, along with a little talk about what they might have read. That would be the Truth part. Then they have a spot that they challenge you to be a better person, by eating a healthy meal, or by not eating something that would be bad for the body. This would be the Dare part.

I was very excited to show my boys the Triple Dog Dare, they were supper excited just from the cover. To be honest so was I. It has a Robt on the front, and my boys are obsessed with them, I knew this would really bring them in. The boys book is pretty much the same as the girls. Nice black and white design in the book, along with spots to write in. It also looks to cover the same things as the girls does in the same type of way. 

Needless to say I am very happy I signed up for this book tour. I have already passed on the girls book to a homeschooling friend.

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