Thursday, November 3, 2011

Look at Greece through the eyes of a solo Muslim female traveler from Pakistan. See the pictures in the linked slideshow to follow the narration pictorially. Become a virtual fellow traveler in this tale. A travelogue that would take you through 4,000 years of Greek history connecting it with Hollywood and the Olympics in a storytelling narration that would be truly educational yet very gripping Solo travel in Greece:a Pakistani girl's dairy: Is a very interesting look at the country Greece through the eyes of one Pakistani girls eyes. Being a work of non fiction it was very interesting to see how Aliya's point of view, it was especially interesting to me because I had traveled through the Greek islands on a two week. that also went up to Turkey. It is very well written and a easy read and it also takes a look at the different views that people have. If you are interested in Greek culture or just looking for something to read that tells a interesting story through another person eyes and their religious beliefs, then you will want to add Two weeks of solo travel in Greece: a Pakistani girl's diary to their reading list.

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