Monday, November 7, 2011

Calgary, Alberta, Canada Home Rental Web Site

I have always wished to go and visit Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Well to be honest with you I wish to travel the world. I found this great web site, rentals in Calgary. I found a ton of amazing place that I would love to Rent and or Buy. But I would just rent a home in for a month or two, unless we were being relocated for work. The web site seems very easy to access, and navigate threw. They have a wide range of homes and apartments to pick from.

Things I would like to see while I was in Calgary, while renting a home. One I would like to go in August during the GlowBal Festival. While there I would like to see would have to be The Glenbow Museum. I would love for you to link me to a home you found that you would love to check out if you were visiting Calgary.

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