Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Tree of Life

You can Purchase this movie on October 11, 2011

The long front lawns of summer afternoons, the flicker of sunlight as it sprays through tree branches, the volcanic surge of the Earth's interior as the planet heaves itself into being--you certainly can't say Terrence Malick lacks for visual expressiveness. The Tree of Life is Malick's long-cherished project, a film that centers on a family in 1950s Waco, Texas, yet also reaches for cosmic significance in the creation of the universe itself. The Texas memories belong to Jack (Sean Penn), a modern man seemingly ground down by the soulless glass-and-metal corporate world that surrounds him. We learn early in the film of a family loss that happened at a later time, but the flashbacks concern only the dark Eden of Jack's childhood: his games with his two younger brothers, his frustrated, bullying father (Brad Pitt), his one-dimensionally radiant mother (Jessica Chastain). None of which unfolds in anything like a conventional narrative, but in a series of disconnected scenes that conjure, with poetry and specificity, a particular childhood realm. The contributions of cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki and production designer Jack Fisk cannot be underestimated in that regard, and it should be noted that Brad Pitt contributes his best performance: strong yet haunted.

My Thoughts:
Ok I know what this movie was about, and what it stood for. But I couldn't watch it. I put it in and though it was going to be a movie with talking and what not. Yes, it does have some talking. But its mostly pictures and music. I put it in, and only watched maybe about 10 min of it. I ended up talking to someone as they were walking out the door. So the movie ended up being on for 30 mins or so, before I just turned it off. This movie was not for me. I have much better things, to do then to sit and watch a movie of AMAZING PHOTOS on the screen. With some classical music.  So I am sorry to say but this was not worth it, nor would I say hey go rent this movie.

I am sorry, Think Jam! Thank you to Think Jam for mailing me this movie, and asking my thoughts about it.

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