Thursday, October 6, 2011

Review: Party Girl


When life hands her lemons, she makes a French martini.

Life is one big party for event planner Isabel Serranti. Armed with cell and laptop, she’s game to field any fete–including her next nearly impossible gig: an impromptu themed party. Five hundred guests? (No problem.) On a country estate? (Lovely!) Near her girlhood home and hosted by her infamous childhood tormentor Simon Monkwell? (Uh-oh. . . .)

Luckily, Simon is away for most of the planning, which leaves Izzy to cope with his kindly, eccentric family and their curious secrets. But when Simon–looking good enough to eat–makes a surprise visit, he’s not quite the wretched oaf she remembers. And he needs her help to pull off something daring that requires clever planning, devious imagination, and a lot of panache. Naturally, they’ll be working together very, very closely...

My review:
This book was really funny, from Izzy thinking that her flatmate was gay, to her aunt "borrowing" 2 pieces of furniture from each house in her village to furnish 3 rooms in Simon's home. The characters blew me away with their plans, how they think their way out of problems, and how evil some people can be, even if htey are not so smart up in the head. It was a great book, and I was sad to finish it :( But I did, and now it's time for somebody else to read it.

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